Exceeding all expectations from initial sketch to final punch-out, Bell Cabinetry & Design brings more than 50 years of custom cabinetry expertise to the luxury home builders and interior designers with the highest standards.

Precision throughout the process.
It’s the details no one will ever see that are the most important not to overlook. From initial consultation to final installation and every stage in between, you’ll find mastery in every step.
Every detail delivered flawlessly—without the complexity.
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Experience mastery
at every turn.


World-Class Design

Mastery in the details. By design.

It’s high time you share in the pride of high design. Pride in our team of designers that’s counted among the most renowned in the industry. Pride in the attention to detail built into custom designs that fit your exact plans, specifications and style. And pride in the way our designs are seamlessly integrated into the demands of builders, with endless options of doors, finishes and accessories. We’re proud of the custom design projects that make builders and customers proud.
State-of-the-Art Tech

Timeless design through modern techniques.

Handcrafted just isn’t enough anymore. We’ve made significant investments in the latest technologies that produce the latest custom designs. From screen-to-machine CAD enabled production efficiencies to new showroom tech that showcases current German manufacturing capabilities, the custom designs we deliver are engineered to build, every step of the way.
Unmatched Service

Constant attention. From start to finish.

Serving our builders and customers isn’t a box to check once. It’s a continual task that we’re dedicated to throughout the project. Our team of Project Managers are well versed in removing the complexity and complications typically associated with custom cabinetry jobs. By controlling the entire process and through clear and constant communication, we ensure every deadline is met and every cost stays within budget.
Professional Installation

Mastery instilled. Meticulously installed.

The final phase in our 3-phase comprehensive process, our professional installation is all about coordination. We communicate clearly and constantly with builders to provide a smooth install, while paying close attention during the final cleanup to ensure there’s no mess left behind.
Proven History

A legacy earned from a standard met.

Few things are as important to us as our reputation. That’s just what happens after 60-plus years of earning the trust of luxury home builders and interior designers. The next custom cabinetry job is always the most important to us, because it’s the job that can protect the reputation we’ve built—or demolish it. Founded in Texas in 1954, Georgia is where we’ve grown, from small cabinet shop in 1991, to the award winning operation we are today, featured frequently in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine and other top industry publications.

Quality that’s built in.

We wouldn’t be talking about our materials if they were immaterial. They’re the essential elements that go into creating rooms that define homes. That transform spaces into a true sense of place. What we put into our materials is just as important as where we put them.
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High Quality Wood

The highest quality woods don’t come off the shelf. We source only the most premium materials, like White Oak that's typically used for flooring due to it's durability and stain resistance, and American Maple with strong, smooth grain that brings out the best in paints.

Premium Finishes

Italian wood coatings that produce finishes with stunning outcomes, the coating system we use boasts the most durable, scratch-resistant finish on the market.

Hardware & Accessories

There’s too much hinging on custom cabinetry jobs to rely on cheap hinges. We only use top-of-the-line components, with the industry’s most reliable door and drawer mechanics, storage and organization systems, hinges and guides.
Hear what others feel.
Perfect in EVERY way! From the first pencil sketch to the final granite install, we were thrilled!
Homeowner in Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked

What is your lead time?

Completion depends on the scope & complexity of your project. The attention to detail creating the centerpiece of your home takes time. However, there is high priority to always keep forward movement and you connected with every step of the progress.

Do you do remodels?

We do remodels, with a contractor involved. The contractor would be responsible for fully gutting your kitchen and coordinating other details such as moving plumbing, new electrical, flooring, etc.

Do you do demo?

Unfortunately, we do not do demo. Your contractor would provide demo services, then we have an open, prepped area to install your dream kitchen.

How do I get a quote?

The best way to get an estimate is to call our company. We can connect you with a designer who will scale out your floorplans and with a few general questions about materials be able to provide you with an estimate.

What if I already have designs?

Having designs is a huge plus. They are very helpful to build out your estimate with initial discussions about accessories. With our internal technology we will ultimately re-draw your plans into our system. The cabinetry is made in our shop and goes directly from screen to machine.

Can you provide countertops?

We do not sell countertops. When your designs are finalized, you will have the necessary plans and measurements to take to the countertop company of your choice.

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