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Cabinetmaking is in our blood. That’s why we employ people who are as passionate about it as we are—those who love the smell of sawdust and get down and dirty with details, all so our customers don’t have to.


What makes Bell truly unique is our three-legged stool: dedicated design, woodworking and installation teams. The cabinetmaking process starts with our highly-accomplished designers who work with you to bring your vision to life. Once your drawings are ready, our designers work in tandem with in-house master woodworkers, engineers, CAD technicians and craftsmen to build, finish and fine tune your cabinets from the ground up. The last leg of the stool is our expert installation team, who see your project through completion and works with you to make sure everything fits nicely in place.

This commitment to the process starts with the Bell family and their love for the cabinetmaking craft. It goes deep—and reigns true today.

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Family History

A true family tradition, three generations of Bells have been taking part in the business since the 1950s. From small town carpentry to home-building, Billy Bell I, aka “Big D”, was a thoughtful craftsman and woodworker, passing the trade on to his son, Billy II. Together, they earned the reputation as the best carpenters around, eventually building homes from the ground up. However, following the oil boom and bust in Texas in the late 80’s, Billy moved the business to Atlanta, with a focus on trim.

After a few years working with a homebuilder to add finishing touches on houses—from crown moldings and baseboards to staircases—Billy built up the cabinetry side of the business, and Bell Cabinets was officially incorporated in 1991. The family tradition of working hard and smart paid off through the years, and Billy’s son, Mike, joined the cabinetry business in 2003. With Mike’s business acumen, and Billy’s years of woodworking expertise, Bell Cabinets grew into the Georgia-owned and operated craft it is today.

The design focus and team mindset are keys to our survival and success, and these commitments still run deep. In fact, Billy Bell's saw from the 1950s sits in our workshop today, a constant reminder of his hands-on, hard-earned approach. His wife, Nancy, still handles the books and Mike's sister, Katy, continues to bring her talents every week to the design team. Every part of our journey is a collaboration between family, co-workers, vendors and customers—and we wouldn't be here without the loyalty of our partners.